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Rio Pike/Musky




Rio's Pike and Musky line features a shorter, more aggressive head than the previous range of Pike/Musky lines and has been specifically designed to maximize the performance of the new Sage Pike/Musky rod, but works equally as well on whatever rod you are tossing.

A short, powerful head easily turns over the largest of flies, and the braided core ensures a relaxed, memory-free performance in coldwater conditioins. A thick handling section allows anglers to carry longer lengths of line than the average short-headed fly line.

This is the full floating version in the color Moss/Yellow but also comes in an Intermediate head also.

* Rio's Agent X coating
* XS Technology
* Dual tone
* Front welded loop
* Back welded loop.

Rio's Pike and Musky fly line is available in line weights 8-11 and is clearly the most advanced line of it's kind to date.

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