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Dolly Llama Streamer w/Egg




The Dolly Llama has been a standard Alaskan pattern for several years, and continues to produce Salmon and Dolly’s and is especially good for large Alaskan Rainbows. The heavy conehead helps the fly quickly get to where the fish are and the stinger hook hangs back for the short strikers. Not only is the fly great in Alaska but it also works well as a swung steelhead pattern and for large trout across the country. The Dolly Llama w/egg is for extra attraction when the salmon are dropping eggs, and the flesh color + egg is deadly on Giant fall rainbows.

We carry the Dolly Llama Streamer w/egg in black/white, Flesh/Cream, and Olive/white with a #2 Stinger hook, the egg is Mottled Tangerine.

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