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Pro American Opossum




The Pro American Opossum is the ultimate type of hair for medium to large sized modern zonker style of flies. Due to the density of the hair fibers American Opossum does not hold a great amount of water making it a lot easier to cast in larger sizes, and the leather which by nature is super thin but strong making this the preferred choice for zonker style flies. Also can be trimmed from the hide and used for wings, beards, legs and collars. A very useful hair.

It has shiny coverfibers or guard hairs with black tips, which gives your fly a realistic swimming pattern and movement....not to mention a super buggy look.

The skin comes in pieces measuring 6 X 9 cm which again lets you cut and trim your own skin-strips.

These patches normally retail at $12.99 and are now on Clearance at 40% OFF! 

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