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Steelheader's Journal




A new offering from John Nagy and his Great Lakes Publishing. 

The Steelheader's Journal was designed to help steelheaders in "steelhead alley" region of Lake Erie, as well as throughout the Great Lakes, efficiently record information related to his or her tributary steelhead fly fishing trips.

This careful observation of details, as well as experiences, will not only make a better steelheader but also make steelhead fishing on the Great Lakes tributaries a much more satisfying and fulfilling experience.

A two page log/journal entry form allows steelheaders to log detailed information in over 25 categories (including various sub-categories) for each steelhead tributary fished that day. Some of these categories include weather, water temperature and flow, catches, technique, tackle, flies, rigging and access points. The "journal" section on the entry form allows steelheaders to write personal experiences and recollections for the day.

The book is beautifully done and leather bound. Also contains tidbits, tips and information on steelhead fishing throughout the region.

A great gift for any steelhead angler in the region.

Steelheader's Journal by John Nagy

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