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"Trout- The Trout Fisherman's Bible"It can be argued that Ray Bergman's Trout is the most comprehensive and useful (and possibly the best selling) single volume on angling for trout ever published. Bergman originally published the book in 1938 but signifigantly revised in and expanded it for a second edition in 1952. The more comprehensive edition is published here. Bergman's mission, as is pointed out in Gary Lafontaine's new introduction, was to take the sport of trout fishing to everyone. His storyteller's way of conveying the subtleties and nuances of trout fishing makes this useful book a wonderfully entertaining read. The pages and pages of beautiful fly illustrations are classics in their portrayal of many still deadly artificial flies. No angling bookshelf should be without a copy of Trout.Ray Bergman- Trout- Softcover- 482 pages

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