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Rio Bonefish Line




Rio's Bonefish line loads a rod at close range, has a medium length front taper for great turnover, and a long back taper to smooth out the casting loop and keep the line stable on long shots. The line also features AgentX technology which produces a line that floats high, is easy to pick up and ensures the running line stays afloat. 

A medium stiff core and hard, tropical coating prevents the line from wilting in tropical conditions.

* Revolutionary design allows for incredible loop stability and distance
* Unique, easy casting taper that loads a fly rod at close range
* High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
* Featuring Rio's AgentX and ExtremeSlickness coatings
* Featured here in our favorite.....must have

These lines normally retail at $79.95 and are on Clearance here at 50% OFF

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