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River Pimp

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The business of fly fishing is one of the most difficult and competitive environments in the business world. Eric Stroup is a man who has done it all and knows the struggles of one relying solely on fly fishing for his livelihood. As a professional fly tyer, guide, author, presentor and former fly shop owner, Eric has persevered in an industry where many have not survived. River Pimp is at it's very core, an honest description of the current state of the fly fishing industry. It is an accurate portrayal of what life is really like inside the industry, from an author who has been on each side of the proverbial counter. The experiences and opinions that are shared in this book are sometimes controversial, sometimes tragic, and in a few instances, hilarious. Eric's perspective on the industry is refreshing, and whether you agree with him or not, his positions come from a place where few people can claim they've been. River Pimp exposes an appreciation of the sacrafice and dedication required to succeed, and will give the reader new appreciation for just how special- and important- the corner fly shop really is.

"Eric explains the world of guiding better than anyone to date.....his willingness to talk about the great, the good and the not-so-good when it comes to the business of fly fishing is necessary and revealing....There is a wonderful curve to Eric's story. Fly fishing saves him time and time again. Now he understands that we all may have to save fly fishing."- Ed Engle (from the forward)

"River Pimp" by Eric Stroup- 174 pages- paperback

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