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Lee Wulff Ultimate Bamboo- 2 pc 6wt

Lee Wulff Bamboo 7' 6wt 2pc Fly Rod

Designed on Lee Wulff's original tapers, this 2-piece bamboo rod is a beautiful example of the rodmaker's craft.

Seven feet long, weighing 4.2 ounces, this medium-fast action 6 weight rod is perfect for trout and salmon angling.Handmade by a British rodmaker, who also builds Wulff's classic 6 foot rod. Each rod is hand crafted from Tonkin cane that is cured then cut to exacting tolerance, assembled and impregnated for strength and longevity. Accented with deep blue silk wraps on hardened chrome snake guides. It features a cigar grip of premium Portugese cork, fiddleback maple reel seat with nickel silver ferrule. Comes with aluminum rod tube with vented screw-off cap.

A collectible classic!

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