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Swimmy Jimmy- Small

- bass/trout- size 8

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sobota's swimmy jimmy 8 rainbow

One of the coolest, most effective and most innovative flies we have seen.......period.  Designed for super large trout but we use these for big bass around here. Unique, jointed body makes this a floating version of the T & A Bunker series. This is the smaller size 8 version which is a bit more manageable and also a perfect size for smaller bass and smallmouth.
The unique way in which this is tied gives it some crazy action on...and in the water. Fish it on a sink tip or a full sinker and use it like a crank bait/jerk bait. One of our favorites for Largemouth and Smallmouth.......perfectly imitates the action of a dying or wounded baitfish.
Here is what Kelly Galloup says on his website:
"This fly was designed by Andy Sobota. Andy has worked for me for 5 years, and is one of the finest tiers in the country today. He created this fly while trying to improve on the T&A Rainbow pattern. Andy's dad was an avid bass tournament angler and fished a lot of mid-level body baits like the Zara Spook. Andy wanted something that would ride just below the surface and then pop back to the surface like an injured minnow. This fly does it. We have caught almost every gamefish in North America with the Swimmy Jimmy, including carp. This may be the granddaddy of all trigger flies when fished properly. Like the Banjo Minnow, "They don't want to eat it; they have to eat it." The guys at Schmidt Outfitters in Wellston, Michigan, have recently been swinging the Swimmin’ Jimmy for king salmon and making the big fish go crazy."
Swimmy Jimmy...or Swimmin' Jimmy fly size: #8 (Articulated) in the Rainbow Trout or Baby Bass pattern. The Rainbow/Bass color featured here in the smaller version of the Swimmy Jimmy

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