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T-8 and T-14 Sinking Head Line



RIO developed the T-14 as a tungsten alternative to lead lines. T-14 contains no lead, it is supple, and does not kink.
The T-14 weighs 14 grains per foot and sinks at 9 inches per second. It has really become the staple weight material for making your own Skagit style sinking heads.
The T-8 weighs 8 grains per foot and sinks at 7 inches per second.
Cut the T-8 or T-14 to the desired length and make your own sinking heads/sections that you can easily loop on or off. 30 foot coil sections and braided loops in each package.

These normally retail at $39.95 and we are clearing them out here at 50% OFF. They have been replaced for 2015 by the "In-Touch" versions.

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