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SA Mastery Uniform Sink Plus



Graduated-Density Sinking Fly Line from the SA mastery series that really sets the standard.
* Unparalleled even-sinking performance for the ultimate straight-line connection to fish
* Super sensitivity is ideal where strike detection is difficult
* Five sink rates to effectively fish all depths
* 1.5-6.0 ips sink rate
* Unique Mastery Series taper design for superior casting over other sinking lines
* The exclusive Uniform Sink Plus design eliminates line sag to increase fishability, sensitivity, and hook-setting power
* Braided multifilament nylon core
* Specially formulated PVC coating integrated with powdered tungsten or high-density glass beads
* True gradual coating density creates a level of casting performance and straight-line sinking never before available
* Color is Midnight
* class III is 2.5-3.5 ips. and class V is 4.5-6.0 ips.

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