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Tibor Spring Creek CL



Tibor Light CL Spring Creek Fly Reel
The Tibor Light Spring Creek CL featuring the innovative drag system, composed of a special felt and lubricant, produces constant lubrication for a totally smooth drag throughout the entire range of resistance. The Tibor Lights are some of our favorite light duty fly reels of all time!
* Made from solid aluminum bar stock and has very few parts
* Features a drag that cannot be set excessibely tight- yet the spool won't over-run if you pull line rapidly from it. This prevents the fragile leader tippets from breaking
* The drag adjustment nut is more accessible than on most reels and cannot catch the line
* The cluth dogs on most fly reels are held in place with springs that can fall out or lose their adjustment. The clutch on Tibor Light reels is a one-piece unit that is hard coated, corrosion-resistant and cannot fail
* Spool is easily removable and the retaining nut is almost impossible to lose
* The Spring Creek CL is for line weights 3-4 and weighs 4 ounces
* Sold here in Black but also available in custom colors....Moss Green, Royal Blue, Crimson and Graphite Gray (pick the custom $ and tell us what color in your notes)
* This reel no longer available in Satin Gold

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