Mad River Outfitters

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Basic Kayak Paddle
two piece
Price: $79.00 
Deluxe Kayak Paddle
from Freedom Hawk
Price: $149.00 
motor mount for freedom hawk kayaks
great add-on
Price: $109.00 
freedom hawk kayaks push and stake out poles
two versions
Price: $179.00 
freedom hawk kayaks fly rod adaptor
for the FHK
Price: $45.00 
Folding Canoe/Kayak Anchor
Price: $20.00 
freedom hawk kayaks freedom 12
great value
Price: $1,199.00 
freedom hawk pathfinder kayak
the fishing kayak to have!
Price: $1,399.00 
freedom hawk kayaks stand up paddle
two options
Price: $149.00