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BUFF HeadwearOriginal Buff- the Original Multifunctional Headwear; it's the product that started the seamless headwear revolution. First developed in 1991 by founder and creator, Joan Rojas. Performance head and neckwear designed to morph into a multitude of different garments in secods, allowing it's wearer to change their headwear on the fly.
Today Buff headwear is used by serious fishing guides and anglers across the globe to protect them from the outdoor elements.

Here at the shop, we carry the UV BUFF, the Wool BUFF, Headband BUFF and the Polar Reversible BUFF.
uv buff khaky plaid
Khaky Plaid
Price: $23.00 
uv buff mahal
Price: $23.00 
uv buff northern pike
Northern Pike
Price: $23.00 
uv buff pixels desert
Pixels Desert
Price: $23.00 
uv buff pixels gray
Pixels Gray
Price: $23.00 
uv buff redfish spot
Refish Spot
Price: $23.00 
uv buff santana navy
Santana Navy
Price: $23.00 
uv buff santana olive
Santana Olive
Price: $23.00 
uv buff santana red
Santana Red
Price: $23.00 
uv buff tarpon
Price: $23.00 
headband buff botanic
Price: $15.00 
wool buff black
Price: $29.00 
wool buff cru
Price: $29.00 
wool buff grey
Price: $29.00 
wool buff seapoint plum
seapoint plum
Price: $29.00 
wool buff wild aster
wild aster
Price: $29.00