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fly fishing in Chile, chile fly fishingLooking for information on Chile fly fishing? Mad River Outfitters has been there and done that! Fly fishing in Chile is a very special subject with us and we offer several trips throughout the season and serve as a full booking agent for several lodges and outfitters in the land down South. We can also help you with gear and fly selections as well as help guide you through the airports. Chile flyfishing is a big part of our business!



Mad River Outfitters is proud to be booking agents and outfitters for Patagonia Trouters located in the Brown Trout Capitol of the world......Coyhaique, Chile. Information on these and other trips can be found by visiting our webiste.

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Patagonia, Chile

Chilean fly fishing has been described as being like fishing infly fishing in Chile Montana 100 years ago. Breathtaking scenery, crystal clear lakes and streams, Chilean hospitality…..all make fly fishing in Patagonia an incredible life experience. While filming a Walker's Cay Chronicles with us in 2005, legendary angler Flip Pallot claimed that the Patagonia region of Chile offered "The best fly fishing in the world".

"Fly fishing rewards those who learn, those who are patient, those who preserve, those who are adventurous, those who love nature and above all, those who can find themselves alone in the middle of a river with a rod, with the whisper of the current and a thought: in this precise movement there is no other place I'd rather be."

Chile fly fishing"There is a place in the world where the special beings that are fly fisherman, find their answers. There is a place where you can travel hundreds of kilometers, wade entire rivers, and float lakes from one shore to the other, and not see another human being. This place has a name………it's called Patagonia.

"Fly Fishing in Patagonia- The Lake District"- Francisco Bedeschi/ Juan Pablo Reynol

So, whether you are looking to book a trip or simply need some advice on flies and tackle, when it comes to Chile flyfishing…..check out Mad River Outfitters. We can help!
We are proud to represent the fly fishing industry and serve our customers with the finest products and exceptional service. Fly Fishing rods and reels, flies, tackle, trips, classes and seminars….we have it all!

Check out our easy-to-use online store which offers FREE shipping on all orders over $25.00….featuring information on fly fishing in Chile.


Your online source for Chile flyfishing!

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Chile fly fishing

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