Mad River Outfitters

Sun and Bug Stuff

A good selection of products that offer protection from Bug
s and the Sunshine.
columbia men's cool catch zero sage
sweat activated now 40% OFF
Price: $34.80 
filson summer packer hat
classy sun protection
Price: $55.00 
tfo mangrove sun gloves
the original
Price: $14.95 
Insect Repellent Stick
from Smart Shield
Price: $6.00 
kuhl w's moongazer hoody carbon
just awesome- 30% OFF
Price: $52.48 
bug baffler mosquito head net
a must for Canada and Alaska!
Price: $9.00 
Simms Solar Sombrero
great seller!
Price: $29.95 
simms solarflex crewneck cloud camo
wildly popular
Price: $49.95 
simms solarflex crewneck riffle camo
great new camo
Price: $49.95 
simms superlight pants
now 40% OFF
Price: $41.97 
SPF 30 Face Stick
for sun, wind and cold
Price: $6.00 
SPF 30 Gel
a favorite of many
Price: $14.50 
SPF 30 Lip Balm
for sun, wind and cold
Price: $2.99 
SPF 30 Lotion 2 oz
great travel or vest size
Price: $6.99