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Ultrathon Clothing/Gear




New! Ultrathon Insect Repellent for clothing and gear! One treatment lasts up to 6 weeks!

*This product must not be applied to clothing while it is being worn. Under no circumstances should bare skin or clothing no the body be treated. Do not treat underwear, caps or inner clothing. Make all applications outdoors. For protection against ticks (including those that carry Lyme Disease), chiggers and mosquitoes, apply product as directed. For further protection, use in conjunction with an insect repellent registered for direct application to skin and applied to uncovered exposed areas.

Simply spray clothing until fabric is moist enough to cause a slight color change. Let dry for at least two hours.

It will take approximately 6 ounces to treat a full outfit.

8.0 oz (236 ml) spray bottle

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