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SA Galloup Streamer Express

SKU # 3153


Streamer fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to fish in the country and Scientific Anglers has teamed up with Kelly Galloup, author and owner of the famous Slide Inn, to design two of the most cutting edge and specific fly lines especially for the streamer angler (the other is the new floater). Read below to hear what Kelly has to say himself:
"The Streamer Express Long Line is the most innovative line designed for fishing at all depths with equal effectiveness. With my style of streamer fishing you do a lot of repetitive casting and fast retrieves to land the biggest fish in the river. I do a lot of pinpoint casts to shaded banks, pockets, ledges and dark troughs that hold the biggest predators in the system so the Streamer Express Long is everything I have ever wanted in a fly line.
The front 30 feet is a fine diameter, super fast sinking head that keeps the fly at whatever depth I want for triggering the most savage strikes from the biggest predatory fish.
The next 20 feet is an intermediate sink, which helps keep the front sinking portion at the right depth throughout the entire retrieve. Lines that go directly to a floating portion have a tendency to chase the floating portion, making the head rise instead of staying at the same depth throughout the retrieve. Less tungsten in the intermediate portion also gives the line more durability.
The last 50 feet is super slick running line, allowing you to get the fly to the far back when you need to!"- Kelly Galloup
6-7 wt = 200 grains and is yellow/dark gray tip
7-8 wt = 250 grains and is surf/dark gray tip
8-9 wt = 300 grains and is green/dark gray tip

These lines normally retail at $79.95 and they are going away for 2015 so we are Clearing them out here at 40% OFF

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