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SA Streamer Express Floating

SKU # 1912


Streamer fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to catch fish in the country and Scientific Anglers has teamed up with Kelly Galloup, author and owner of the famous Slide Inn, to design two of the most cutting edge and specific us lines especially for the streamer anglers. Read below to learn more about the floating version from Kelly himself:
The Streamer Express Floating line is the first product ever designed to fish streamers with a dry line. Modern streamer anglers are much more active in their styles of retrieve and tend to animate the flies much more than the old school down and across style.
As a result, the line needed to be adapted to meet the demands of today's angler. To accommodate the larger flies and more active retrieves, the Streamer Express Floating Fly Line was developed with a larger front head to pick up and deliver the fly with ease and provide the all important mendability needed to change direction without having to over-mend and lift big flies out of the strike zone. This flexibility is something you won't find in standard floating lines.
The longer head also allows you to carry the fly much easier than ever before. This is the first floating line I have used for streamers where I don't feel like I have to wear a hard hat when fishing big flies. It actually makes fishing streamers with a dry line fun! With this line you can start in the morning banging big streamers and when the big bugs start moving you can deliver big floating flies with effortless, pinpoint accuracy- it is one of the best big dry fly lines I have ever fished.- Kelly Galloup
The Kelly Galloup Streamer Express Floating fly line is a specialty weight forward line and the color is called Willow.

These lines normally retail for $74.95 and have been discontinued for 2015 so we are clearing them out here at 50% OFF

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