Mad River Outfitters

Tube Flies

These flies are designed and tied by some of the leaders in the tube fly revolution. We are working with Tony Pagliei, Greg Senyo, Jerry Darkes, Rick Kustich and more. 
the swinger fly box from cliff outdoors
great for tubes
Price: $24.00 
Senyo's Ice Man Minnow
a phenomenon!
Price: $2.29 
Black and Orange Tube Fly
killer combo
Price: $5.95 
Black and Yellow Fighter- Tube
very versatile
Price: $5.95 
Pink Toy- Tube Fly
killer in Alaska
Price: $5.95 
Red Quick Silver- Tube
Price: $5.79 
LR Taker- Tube Fly
white over purple
Price: $5.79 
Daiichi 1640
lighter wire and smaller sizes
Price: $5.39 
Daiichi 1650
2X wire for larger flies- new size 4
Price: $5.39 
Daiichi X510
premium quality hooks for tubes
Price: $8.09