Mad River Outfitters

Saltwater Tippet and Leaders

Not really that technical, but a saltwater leader plays a critical role in your success. We have put together a selection of saltwater leader and tippet materials that we know will cover ANY and ALL situations. 
maxima clear leader and tippet material
most used for fresh and salt
Price: $3.49 
maxima clear leader tying kit
great all-around leader/tippet material
Price: $52.99 
Micro Supreme Fishing Wire
knottalbe wire tippet
Price: $22.69 
rio bonefish saltwater fluorocarbon leaders
100% Fluorocarbon
Price: $12.95 
Rio Fluoroflex Saltwater tippet
great stuff
Price: $12.95 
Rio Heavy Shock Tippet
tough stuff!
Price: $8.95 
Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet
great stuff
Price: $17.95 
Rio Saltwater Leaders
general purpose
Price: $4.95 
Rio Saltwater Tippet
we use for freshwater also
Price: $4.95 
rio tarpon leaders

easy tarpon leaders

Price: $31.95 
rio toothy critter leaders pike muskie
great for pike and muskie
Price: $7.95 
rio toothy critter leaders saltwater
for toothy salt dwellers
Price: $7.95 
Wire Crimp Sleeves
for 20 and 40lb wire
Price: $3.59