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At Lilypond their focus, their passions....are to create a barnd that resonates with women not only about their never-ending quest to design the very best products, but also to empower women to make a difference with the environment and the planet.
They believe in the power of an idividual to push the ideals of responsibility and sustainability. Their brand and products are born from common ideals they share with their target customer, as they realize that together they can deliver a message about important issues that are shared.
Lilypond is committed to reducing the impact of their manufacturing processes and other activities they have on the environment. Toward that end, Lilypond is fully committed to utilizing recycled materials wherever possible. With over 150 billion water bottles discarded into landfills every year, they have committed their resources to convert this wasteful plastic into a highly technical fabric made of post-consumer recycled Polyethelene Terephthalate plastic, or what is more commonly known as PET. They call this new recycled fabric CYCLEPOND.
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