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Special Order- Barbour

You can special order any product from the Barbour Catalog or the Barbour website here!
Here's how it works-
Purchase this item.....Barbour Special Order......for $1.00 right here. (This just gets us your information once we both decide on the exact product, the availability and the exact price that we will charge you if we ship...your card will not be charged $1.00)
When you are checking out.....just simply write in the product you are looking to purchase in the "Order Notes"  section. You can also e-mail this information to us seperately. The more information you can provide us about the product, the better, i.e. size, color, Barbour item #.....
Then, once we receive the "notice" that you are looking to buy this item, we will get back to you within 48 hours or better, and let you know the details and possible delivery date. Only once we agree to make the SALE permanent will your credit card be charged.
That's it! Simple. Place a "Special Order- Barbour" for $1.00 and let us know what you want. We'll get back to you quickly and let you know if it can be done! We won't surprise you, we won't string you along, and we won't Rip you Off!
For more information about how our Online Store works.......see the "About Store"page of this website.
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Barbour Special Order
we'll let you know if and when the item is available!
Price: $1.00