Mad River Outfitters

Leader and Tippet Accessories

Leader and tippet accessories found here.....featuring the new "Shark Tooth" tippet retainers from Loon.
20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader
works great!
Price: $9.95 
Cliff's The Spooler
coolest on the market
Price: $8.95 
Drew's Speed Loops
braided loop connectors
Price: $5.50 
Fishing Knots- Lefty Kreh
includes a DVD!!!!
Price: $24.95 
Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder
and the winner is.....
Price: $19.95 
fishpond piopod micro trash container


Price: $12.95 
flip pallot mangrove leader wallet
great for holding tippet spools and extra leaders
Price: $27.00 
Little Red Knot Book
Great knot book for the vest pocket by Harry Nilsson- PB
Price: $5.95 
loon snake river mud
from Loon
Price: $5.95 
loon uv knot sense
secure those knots!
Price: $7.50 
loon uv mini lamp
for all Loon UV products
Price: $14.95 
Smith Creek Rig Keeper
double rigs or tenkara
Price: $21.95 
Smith Creek Trash Fish
do your part!
Price: $15.95