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Winston B3-SX




This breakthrough new series was designed to truly handle the most demanding and extreme salt and freshwater fishing situations. And shile SX stands for "super" fast-action, the unprecendented power and strength of these rods does not come at the expense of smoothness and feel.

Whether you are making long casts directly into the wind, throwing bit bulky flies or wielding an aggressive sink-tip line in steelhead waters, these rods will come through. They are unlike any other fast action rod made. 

Boron III-SX rods feature a superlight matte black reel seat with R.L. Winston Rod Co. engraved on the barrel. All come with a fancy Winston graphite rod tube.

* Fast action

* 4 piece

* Superlight anodized aluminum reel seat

10 weight BIII-SX- 9' 4pc 4 3/4 oz   

While extremely powerful, this 10-weight is light enough to cast all day. The choice for big winds, 450 grain and up lines, and fish like permit, large striped bass and big cudas.

11 weight BIII-SX- 9' 4pc 4 3/4 oz

This is the Boron III-SX for species like giant trevally, tarpon and dorado. It gives you the ability to handle all types of lines and make very long distance casts into the wind.

12 weight BIII-SX- 9' 4pc 5 1/4 oz

The ultimate big fish, big fly, big wind fly rod. Ideal for trophy tarpon and bluewater targets like sailfish and marlin.

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