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Orvis Hydros 3D Depth Charge

SKU # 3H5K-27-



May be one of the best sinking head fly lines ever developed!

Get down fast with this integrated 30' sink head that will deliver your fly quickly into the feeding zone with minimal belly. Excellent for fishing deep in hard-running tides. Braided multifilament core provides performance over a wide range of water temps. In  200 (6/7) in yellow/dark gray, 250 (7/8) in orange/dark gray, 300 (8/9) in surf/dark gray, 350 (9/10) in green/dark gray, 450 (11/12) USA. 100'.

1. 3D Technology Microtexture surface reduces surface friction, improves flotation, and eliminates tangling.
2. IS (Integrated Slickness) additive is integrated throughout the PVC layer to provide lubrication for maximum distance, performance and durability.
3. Orvis Line ID — Quickly and easily identify your line, no more guessing. All of our lines will be printed with the taper, weight, and functionality.
4. Enhanced Welded Loops — New sleek and durable welded loops make leader attachment quick and easy while holding up to repeated use. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover.

5. Core — Braided multifilament core provides excellent performance over a wide range of conditions.

6. Environmentally Responsible Packaging — Our new paper pulp spool, made from recycled cardboard and kraft paper, is 100% compostable and further enhances our commitment to protect our natural resources.

These lines normally retail at $95.00 and we are Clearing them out here at 50% OFF

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