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SAGE VXP Series- 3-5wt



How do you improve the most versatile series SAGE has ever offered? By making every rod significantly lighter, smoother and more responsive.

The new VXP combines the VT2’s versatility with the performance and power of our renowned XP rod Series. The result? An exceptionally light, lively fly rod that generates high line speed for easy distance and wind penetration. In keeping with the versatility theme, each VXP is built with a specific taper to meet the particular performance needs of each line weight. For example, the light, graceful 3-weights feature a smooth, progressive action to help make delicate presentations and cushion fragile tippets.

With ultra high line speed and a slender shaft design that reduces overall weight, each rod in this series is exceptionally smooth and responsive.
* New for 2011
* Fast action
* Varying tapers and materials
* Shadetree green shaft color wrapped with Dark green, Silver and Black
* Hard chromed snake guides
* Slender shaft design that reduces overall weight, increasing the line speed
* Smoother feeel makes the rod more responsive
* Single-handed models come with Green basllistic coth covered case embroidered with Silver Sage logo
All of the SAGE VXP models from 3-5wt are featured here.

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