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Scott G2 Fly Rods



The new G2 is ready and able for the most technical trout fishing you can throw at it.
If you get a thrill stalking big wary trout with tiny flies and light tippets, you've just found the perfect fishing tool for the job. G2 fly rods from Scott turn over the longest, lightest leaders with ease, and let you control drifts in the trickiest currents. They generate the perfect combination of line speed and loop control, and are pinpoint accurate. When you've got just one chance to present a fly to a fish, make it count. The G2, Scott's new Ultimate Presentation Tool.
* Natural finish blanks for greater feel and durability. Why natural finish blanks(unfinished)? Natural finish blanks let Scott precisely control the amount of fiber and resin in each blank. They are the purest expression of rod design, and create a rod with great touch, durability and feel.

* Ultimate tippet protection for landing big fish
* Measuring wraps for bragging rights

* Featuring Scott's hollow internal ferrules- the ferrule is matched to the sections it connects and creates a blank with continuous tapers. Yes, they take ten times longer to hand build than a sleeve ferrule but the results can be seen and felt.
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