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1-Minute Epoxy

1-Minute Expoxy


No matter what epoxy you are going to use, you need to shape the fly. Generally, people use the 5-minute epoxy, and that's where problems begin: #1- the epoxy runs on you, and #2- you lose control of the fibers and, consequently, #3- you lose control of time (6 minutes is generally the setting time for the 5 minute epoxy). When the epoxy sets, you end up with a crooked fly and you are not happy.The reason for 1 minute epoxy is this: it works! #1 Hold the fibers with your finger to the desired shape. #2. With a bodkin, mix EP 1 minute epoxy on a hard, non-porous surface such as glass or ceramic tile. #3 Apply EP 1 minute epoxy through the fibers. DO NOT remove your fingers from the fibers. You must keep the desired shape while you do this operation. DO NOT look on the other side of the fly. If the fly looks good to you on your side, it will look perfect on the other side as well. #4. After that, let it dry and then apply a harder finish epoxy over top and your results will be outstanding. No more frustration and holding onto flies for 6 minutes!!!!

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