Mad River Outfitters


Durable Filson luggage is built to withstand continual use under the most arduous conditions. Filson Rugged Twill is an industrial weight 22-oz. cotton fabric, densely woven for superior strength and long lasting toughness. Before assembly, the fabric is soaked in their special paraffin-based wax, making it highly water repellent and wear-resistant. The fittings and trim are just as tough: brass zippers, clasps and buckles that resist corrosion; Bridle Leather, made from the strongest part of the hide, is vegetable-tanned for superior quality. Meticulously made in Filson's factory in Seattle, Washington....this stuff only gets better with age!

filson medium duffle bag
built to last
Price: $325.00 
Filson Field Bag- medium
legendary bag
Price: $248.00 
Filson Original Briefcase
practical and compact
Price: $248.00 
filson padded computer bag briefcase
High-density foam padding 
Price: $358.00