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Yeti Coolers

YETI Coolers are built to take the rugged abuse that comes with the way we work and play. Unlike ordinary coolers, which are essentially "disposable", a YETI is made to last.
Broken handles, busted hinges, failed latches, caved-in lids, cracked corners.....Sound familiar? If you're like most, you've experienced all of these with the coolers you've owned. Even the most expensive ordinary coolers can't take the punishment dished out byt the average outdoorsman, let alone the pros. That's why they make YETI Premium coolers......and why we sell them.
* Rotational-molded construction makes a YETI virtually indestructable (like whitewater kayaks)
* YETI lid latches are the same latches used on ATVs
* One-Piece, seamless construction provides long lasting durability
* YETI's full-length, integrated hinge system will not fail
* You can't break the handles on a YETI
* Screw-in, gasketed drain plug is leak-proof and rugged
* Thicker cooler walls mean more cold-containing insulation
* YETI Coolers don't just close, they seal!
* The YETI Tundra is certified bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee
***Please note that we are not allowed to "sell" these coolers online due to Yeti restrictions. You CAN however give us a call at 614-451-0363 and place your order that way. Credit Cards and Pay-Pal of course still accepted. They just won't allow us to offer them in our "shopping cart" here.
Yeti Roadie Series 20
Cute as can be!
Price: $249.99 
yeti tundra 35 quart cooler
you will love this cooler!
Price: $299.99 
yeti tundra 45 quart cooler

professional grade!

Price: $349.99 
yeti tundra 50 quart cooler

on guide boats worldwide

Price: $379.99 
yeti tundra 65 quart cooler

an absolute beast!

Price: $399.99 
yeti tundra 75 quart cooler

an absolute beast plus!

Price: $449.99 
SeaDek Slip-Resistant Pad
must for poling
Price: $59.99 
yeti seat cushions
for Tundra models
Price: $119.99 
yeti coolers bear proof lock
certifies your YETI
Price: $14.99 
yeti drain plugs
set of 2
Price: $6.99