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The Mayfly Guide

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Learn the steps to easily & confidently id the stages of many common mayfly species. Including info on when & where mayflies hatch & how trout feed on them, this reference uses a practical & visual approach that supports quick learning. Waterproof pages & a small trim size enhance the guide’s portability, making it as sensible as it is useful. 186+ Color Photos & Illus; 5x7 inches, 80 pgs.

For anglers looking to increase their catch, this indispensable guide reveals the steps to easily & confidently identifying the three stages—nymph, dun, & spinner—of many common mayfly species found in North America. Including information on when & where mayflies hatch & how trout feed on them along with illustrated species charts, this reference avoids the abstractions of complex scientific keys & words & instead favors a practical & visual approach that supports quick learning.


At last, a pocket guide to aquatic insects comparable in quality & practicality to the Peterson's Field Guides. This book will fill the stream with hatch-matchers at last . . . bugs made decipherable!
- John Randolph, Flyfisherman Magazine

This small book is what I've been looking for my whole flyfishing life—it's simple, foolproof, & enables you to identify the important mayfly species instantly right at streamside. Has my highest recommendation. - Dick Surette, Fly Tyer Magazine


Al Caucci
is a world-renowned angler & the author of Mayfly Easy ID. He is a former board member of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum & is one of the founders of the Friends of the Upper Delaware River. He was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame in 2006 & currently operates Al Caucci Fly Fishing, a fly-fishing destination travel service. He lives in Starlight, Pennsylvania.

Bob Nastasi cofounded Comparahatch Ltd. & the Caucci/Nastasi Fly Fishing School for trout & bonefish. They are the coauthors of Comparahatch, Fly Tyer's Color Guide, Hatches, Hatches II, & Instant Mayfly Identification Guide.

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