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Triangle Taper- Ambush



Designed with Gary Sandstrom, The Ambush fly line from Wulff is designed to deliver outstanding roll casting performance from single-handed and switch rods. The short, 20' head loads quickly and makes a compact D-loop, eliminating the need for a long back cast. A thin diamter running line coupled with J3 coating technology makes Ambush shoot like a rifle. The Hi-Viz two-tone color helps you spot the loading point.
**This is really turning out to be a great fly line the more we play with it. GREAT for high-stick nymphing at short may become a "go to" for Erie steelheading and 10' single-hand rods. The switch guys are picking it up and really loving it also. Check out the grain weights here but most are going a line heavier for use on a switch rod.
Ambush 4wt- 195 grains
Ambush 5wt- 215 grains
Ambush 6wt- 235 grains
Ambush 7wt- 266 grains
Ambush 8wt- 290 grains

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