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Thingamabobbers- Multi Packs



For the most can throw out all existing indicators! This is the only one people will use once they try them. An absolute phenomenon for a few years now and pretty much all we see any more on rivers....east and west.
Thingamabobbers are strike indicator fishing bobbers that cast easier, float higher, attach quicker, and stay attached, in place, and afloat! Super sensitive to detect the subtlest of strikes. These bobber strike indicators are super light. 3/4" diameter ideal for short line, light line, and up to moderately heavy nymph rigs. 1" and 1 1/4" diameter ideal for heavy nymphs, big water and for Great Lakes Steelheading. We love the small size for general trout fishing!
These Thingamabobbers fishing bobbers use revolutionary trapped-air technology. The next generation of strike indicators!

Small  are 1/2" and come 5 per pkg
Medium are 3/4" and come 5 per pkg
Large are 1" and come 4 per pkg
X-Large are 1 1/4" and come 2 per pkg
* Assorted colors of Thingamabobbers in each package- also see here on the site for 3 packs of individual colors as well as singles

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