Mad River Outfitters

Peacock Bass

A great selection of peacock bass flies. We have really gone a little nuts with this fresh sport down in Brazil......see our "Trips" page for more details on what we do down there.
Here are our recommendations for this incredible gamefish!
barry's pike fly black
yep, this is the one
Price: $5.95 
barry's pike fly chartreuse
just killer
Price: $5.95 
lefty's big fish deceiver chartreuse
monster fly!
Price: $4.95 
lefty's big fish deceiver grey
Price: $4.95 
blanton's whistler
great multi-purpose big fish fly
Price: $5.95 
Crease fly popper
very unique new design...and action
Price: $7.95 
el chupacabra fly chartreuse
Price: $8.50 
el chupacabra fly fire tiger
fire tiger
Price: $8.50 
Enrico's Big Eyes
formulated for peacock bass but great on any large fish
Price: $8.60 
Figure 8- Scherer's
legendary fly!
Price: $5.95 
Flip's Trust Me Sailfish Fly
the only ones you need!
Price: $14.99 
G/S Roosta streamer fly
hot new baitfish
Price: $7.95 
half-n-half streamer fly
Lefty and Bob combined!
Price: $4.95 
Mr. Gills- Sherer's
Price: $6.99 
Mr. Gills- Sherer's perch
hot fly!
Price: $6.99 
Murdich Minnow streamer chartreuse
cult following
Price: $6.50